Thursday, 24 July 2008

Agility 11th week

Well we had some good bits and bad bits at agility tonight. His dog walk looked really good tonight, his final position was alot better than it has been as he had been lifting his back legs off the contact but he held in the correct position until I released him so I was really pleased. His aframe was ok, it was fine when there was someone there waiting to feed him in FP but when they weren't there he wasn't really driving to his target and was more looking for the next obstacle which I can see becoming a problem in the future so more work on this I think! Jumping was quite challenging tonight as he seemed very hyper (I can always tell cuz he makes a very odd screechy-growl when you release him). The first thing we did was go ons in to tunnels which he LOVES so after that, thats all he wanted to do! So when we tried to do a sequence of left turns I think I lost him three times in to the tunnel... naughty boy, also unlike him cuz he usually tries so hard to listen, luckily he redeemed himself because his right turns were lovely! Hes also started to pick his feet up, were now working them over medium height and I was worried he would knock loads of poles because of all his flyball training and lots of speed but so far he is not doing too badly. We didn't do any weaves tonight but I am thinking of getting a practice set for the garden as I can see this being a weakness for him.

Were off to Anglesey on Friday, actually can not wait, been looking forward to this for ages! Lots of parties happening whilst were up there and the dogs really love it... lets just pray for sunshine!

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Char said...

Hi Nat!
I'm 19, I go to UWE too! And I do agility! I used to go to Clifton - heard you go there now? What are you studying at UWE?