Thursday, 11 September 2008

Imber Court

Box still looking ok!

Me and my girly!

We weren't sure if this competition would even go ahead due to the terrible rain but we bravely headed down to Surrey on the Saturday morning. It was on a sports ground which had amazing drainage so despite all the rain the ground had held up very well. We had three teams in, the ballistics (1st team) and missiles (3rd team) ran Saturday. Missiles were a little out of there depth as we were on a seed time of 22.92secs with Jive in the team. Tess wasn't on top form due to it being a bit slippy but she tried hard and we managed a best time of 23.70secs. It was a 7 team division and we won 3 of our races to end up 4th so were really pleased with that.

Ballistics had an absolutely brilliant start to the day, we ran our 1st race against maple leafs and managed to beat them acheiving a new best ever time of 17.80secs and finally breaking that 18second barrier so we were well chuffed. Won are second race aswell, unfortunately the afternoon went down hill as we lost to the bandits with a light, a late and naughty Sonny running out again. Don't know why he's suddenly doing this again, back to training for him. He was ok in the blue lane against bassetts but they were just a little bit too quick for us. Last race against maple leaf raggers was such a shame, can't remember exactly what happened, we had them on speed but i think we one the first leg, then sonny ran out the next 2, then next 1 he stayed in and we won it. Then on the last leg he ran out, little bugger! We ended up 5th, nevermind if we'd of one the two races we should of won we would of been 2nd, if only...

Rockets ran Sunday, stayed dry pretty much all day which was nice. I got to run the wonderful Perry as Bobbie wasn't there. He is sooo lush to run, he's very tuned in to what you want him to do and he's just a big softy. Had a bit of an annoying day as first race we were a whole second faster but got 3 lights and lost. Then Jive was slipping and running out, then Bunty got her silly head on and started running round the ring, it all kind of fell apart. Once Bunty is in that mood she doesn't run at full speed, thought we had cracked it with her but she does like to keep us on our toes! We did manage to win one race and had the 2nd fastest time of the division of 18.88secs but still came last!

So a weekend of if only's i guess, i'm sure we are due a successful competition soon... 1and a half weeks til Stockbridge...

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