Thursday, 25 June 2009

Videos from Stockbridge at Easter!

I've managed to get hold of a couple of videos very kindly taken by Nick (Lacy's owner) at Stockbridge this Easter. This was our 1st competition this year so you'll remember me saying that I wasn't too happy with the boxwork or with Asher's speed, thankfully both have improved since then :-)

Bristol Babies are Bonnie, Lacy, Chelsey, Fraggle.

Bristol Ballistics are Diefer, Rosie, Asher, Bunty then in the last clip they are Sonny, Smartie, Asher, Bunty.


Nat said... to laugh at Bobbi on the line, she's nothing if not enthusiastic!! lol

Asher is SO likely our Bailey the way he and furious and just kinda throws himself up the face of the box! ;)

Nat x said...

lol bobbie is a nutter, she's even worse when she's actually running a dog!

Yeh Bailey has always really reminded me of Asher, they have the same build aswell. His box is gradully improving but when he approaches it at his speed there is very little time for adjustment!