Thursday, 3 September 2009


We had 2 teams in at Stoneleigh, they were both very mixed and we weren't sure what times we would do. We entered the Extraset who we thought would be seeded on 23.15 but the seed time dropped to 23.62 by the time the running order was out. Either way it wouldn't of affected the division we were in. We had Sonny, Perry, Jive, Chelsey and Guiness, so 2 rocket dogs, 2 missiles + Jive who kinda floats between. We didn't expect to go under 23secs but managed a time of 22.36secs. We lost 2 races, one on speed and one lights but still came 2nd :-).

Sunday we had Ballistics 3rd seed in div 1. We didn't have Rosie or Bunty so decided to try Jamie the usual Rockets height dog along with Diefer, Asher and Smartie. To be honest I wasn't expecting too much but the dogs did well, we won all our races in the morning, then it rained and everyones times really slowed, we lost all our races in the afternoon but that was to Bassetts, high flyers and moltens so can't really complain and we finished 4th with a best time of 18.11secs. Asher ran well, box wasn't great but is was a bit slippery and he was driving back better than he was at Champs.

Thanks to Flyers for lending us a box as ours is still broke and also letting me stay with them to save me driving up both days! The show was good, we had a nice look round, I went on the Waltzers, very scary experience!

Really looking forward to Shackerstone this weekend, we have a full 1st team and Little Luna will be making her open debut dead on 18months, fingers crossed that it all goes well. Oh and that the rain stops so the show can actually go ahead this year!

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