Friday, 11 December 2009


We had Blackdown on Sunday, it went ok, certainly alot better than training went last week, not that that would of been hard! We had 4 runs all of which are on the video so I'll try not to waffle on too much! 1st was agility, i'm not sure why he ran his dogwalk contact, maybe he didn't hear me tell him target? I was a bit annoyed at myself after for not putting him back on it but I thought he'd got it, judge thought otherwise! He worked the rest nicely, Aframe was quite good, no poles :-), but missed the weave entry, very unlike him as I struggle to get him to miss one at training but then that is the one entry we don't really practice i.e him at an angle one side of the weaves, me at an angle the other side. He pulled off the tunnel as I was shouting here, don't ask me why, think I'd got a bit too excited by that point and some irrational part of my brain thought he was going to go in the wrong end of the tunnel! Not a bad run though.

Next was 1-2 jumping. Had some nice parts, again missed the weaves, I don't think he saw them. Not sure why he came inside no. 12, if it hadn't been for that would of been quite a good run. Especially as he probably wouldn't of knocked those poles.

Next was 1-7 helterskelter. I thought we stood a good chance of getting round this course but then he knocked no. 2 (if anyone can spot any reasons for these knocked poles can they please let me know!) and I kinda gave up. He got E'd cuz his dozy handler was running towards that jump with her arm out, doh! Can't say he wasn't listening!

Finally was 1-3 jumping, again knocked no. 2, kept on extending his stride so knocked no. 4 and the angle was too tight for him to get in the tunnel as hard as he tried! This put me too far behind him to keep him going straight after the tunnel and he got E'd. Worked the rest of the course nicely apart from the 2 more poles. Although I have to say he doesn't look quite right in this run and I wonder if he hurt himself a bit trying to brake for the tunnel although he seemed perfectly sound afterwards.

So again good parts and bad parts. Really need to teach him some sort of steady command but not really sure how to go about it or what criteria it should meet, need to have a think. Also need to do lots more grid work to try and stop him knocking those pesky poles. It's funny how he doesn't knock poles in agility classes. Didn't have any in either of the classes at honiton or at the weekend. And thinking about it rarely has 1 in the 'agility section' at training. Maybe the stops on the contacts give him time to regain his composure and think about his striding better?

Anyways heres the video (Big Thanks to Tasha for filming and Sarah for making it :-)):


Katie and Jet said...

Bloody hell Nat he's sooooooooo fast!!!!!!!

Susan said...

He is so much like Cai to run! hes mad and just way too fast... just like Cai! I think part of the reason he has poles is he has a very bad jumping style. I have had this with Cai but have tried to do lots of grid work with 6 jumps with very tight spaces. 2 Foot apart on medium aprox and then get him to jump them as calmly as poss this will help him to bascule (round his back) which gives a better more ballanced jumping style. Email me and ill give you some more things i have worked on and found helpfull. mad_merle@hotmail. co. uk x