Monday, 24 May 2010


Can't believe it was our last ever time at Daventry :-(, been going since I was 12! I got drunk for the 1st time at Daventry way back then lol!

Anyway, we had Ballistics as 3rd seed in div 2 on Saturday. Team was Diefer, Asher, Lacy, Rosie and Bunty (Luna was in season). 1st couple of races Diefer was a git in the warm ups and was running out so we took the ball out everytime he went wrong and left him out of racing completely. In the 1st leg of the 1st race we hit our fastest time of the day of 18.30secs. Asher was start on this and ran 3.75secs!! (it was 3.82 with 0.07start) What a dog! Won that race. 2nd race, Rosie decides to play up aswell and do the same as Diefer and run up the side, she did this for 2 legs so we kept her late on the changeover and she then started doing it right again. Somehow we won that race aswell! In the afternoon, something seemed to click with Diefer and he didn't look like running out at all. Still didn't run him for the 3rd race and managed to win that one. 4th race Rosie ran out again so we took her out and went with Diefer, he ran fine, only let him go from about 15ft though, won that one! Last race we thought would be really tight, we rested Lacy and again Diefer ran properly! And amazingly we won that aswell, winning the division. How we did it, I will never know! Times were disappointingly slow but then it was very hot, poor Bunty was knackered. Asher was fantastic, he did tire a little bit with the heat but still hit 3.75 twice, 3.76 and 3.79 from what I saw and I didn't see that many times. Although I also saw a 3.98 and a 4.02 later on in races so maybe he's not quite at full fitness yet!

Missiles were helped by a bit of extra speed from Jive this weekend as we didn't have Molly. This made a hell of a difference to them although the others also seemed to run well despite the heat. They did a best time of 23.58secs which bettered their seed time by about 2.5secs. Although to be honest this just made them competitive rather than them often being annihilated. They had some really close racing and came 2nd.

Rockets were top seed in div 5. The team was Jemma, Sonny, Smartie, Elliot, Perry and Jamie. The team seemed to gel quite well despite the changing around of dogs and they all ran well. Jemma seems to have got the hang of this racing malarky although we haven't yet tried her in the red lane, maybe next time! Elliot did totally lovely box turns once we remembered to tell him "on the box" on his way down! Sonny's box was also better but still not as good as it is in training, still more reps needed! Big lesson to everyone, NEVER retrain, always get it right from the start! Smartie, Perry and Jamie were consistent as ever although still need to work on Jamies box aswell. The team managed a best time of 19.71secs. They just lost 1 race and it was very tight so they came 2nd.

Great weekend, sooo hot, dogs coped well though and us humans had a water fight which greatly helped! Frimley next weekend and we get to race Jolly Jumpers!

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