Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hearing Dogs

We had both teams running Sunday so I decided to just go for the day (hungover of course!). Extraset were 1st on in Division 3 and were 2nd seed (20.16) with a team of Jemma, Sonny, Elliot, Perry and Jamie. The dogs raced well, maybe not as quick as they were at Acremead but they were really consistent and managed to win every race with a best time of I think 20.16 and ended up 1st!

Ballistics were 5th (out of 7) seed in division 1 (18.30) with a team of Diefer, Lacy, Asher, Rosie and Bunty. 1st race in against Dolphins we had problems with the lights, the fault light was coming on for early changes when they were visibly late, very frustrating. They had been fine all weekend until we raced lol! Asher got the blame for it for thundering through the gate too quickly and vibrating them out of line! Although they did continue to do it sporadically so it can't have been just him lol! We did manage to win the races against Dolphins, Racing herts and the 2nd Molten team. Diefer has become a red lane wonder and will only run in red so he sat out of all in the blue lane. Lacy was consistent as ever running 4.4s. Asher was mental and doing better boxes than at Frimley but not sure if he was quite as fast although he may of been I was just too hungover to bother working out his times! We did a best time of 18.22secs but I don't know which race that was so which 4 dogs were running, I was generally just a bit rubbish! We came 4th which was ok I suppose.

We've got agility at Thames this weekend then 1 more flyball before Euros! How exciting!

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