Sunday, 25 September 2011

Stockbridge - 1st weekend

This was so long ago now, I remember very little. We were missing a few dogs so didn't have Rockets in. Merlin went in to Extraset and ran a PB of 4.35secs over 9" and then ran 4.38secs 3times in a row in the last race, clever spanner. Sonny also started to come in to his own and ran pretty consistent 4.4s. This contributed to Extraset coming 1st with a best ever of 18.74secs.

Diefer and Loki went in to Ballistics with Asher, Shani, Lacy and Luna. I couldn't get there until just after 9am due to being at work so missed the 1st race against Essex which we unfortunately lost. We got there in time for 2nd race where we got our act together and did 16.66. We won all our races after that including a very close last race against Stars to come 1st.

Missiles also had a great day winning all their races to come 1st so we had a clean sweep :)

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