Sunday, 7 December 2008

Asher is Advanced and rule changes

Points have gone up from our last flyball of the season which was Brinkworth and Asher is now Flyball Dog Advanced, yay! To be honest i'm not really bothered about points and I'd much rather go to a competition and get a faster time and know that I've pushed every single change even if that means lots of lights than get loads of points. I'd certainly never re-run my dog if I got a light unless the other team got a light aswell but saying that it is lovely to get the certificates as a record of your dogs achievement and your own dedication! You don't really get any record of a fast time unless you print out the seedings list! Tess retired on 19,313points, she was very annoyed that i didn't let her train today!

The jump height proposal went through which I am pleased about so dogs now jump 5" less than there shoulder height. Will mean that our 1st team will now jump 13" so hopefully that will make a bit of a difference to us. We will have to see how that affects our height dog Bunty who will now get 10", she currently runs about 4.8 over 11" but with all the box and power training if we could get her down to consistent 4.6secs she would be a contender for the 1st team. Asher would love to run over 10", he goes in to super speed, his box is also better over low jumps!

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Katie said...

Congrats on Asher's advanced :D

I'm the same with points, it's great that there is a progression system but I'd be much happier getting a new PB and loads of lights than just being under22 and getting lots of points.