Thursday, 4 December 2008


Had a fantastic session at agility tonight, he did 12 weaves!! He'd never done 12 before but i was convinced to try them and he was brilliant. I doubted that he was gonna weave at all cuz I did some training earlier today and he was a lunatic just ploughing through the weaves and just generally being an arse! He even picked up the entry at a 45 degree angle, superboy:-)! I've also been working alot on rear crosses cuz he's been spinning and he did two out of three tonight where he turned the right way, he really felt like he was listening and was just soo good. We did some quite complicated (for me!!) little jumping courses where he could of blasted ahead but didn't and listened to me and followed my arms. I'll try build some courses and post them. He was alot more sensible on the seesaw aswell, i've added a steady command as he jumps on and that seems to be working well. Tonight was the first time I actually felt like he was approaching a level where he could go in to a competition, whether I could handle him round a course is another story! And the secret to this success ...taking him on a two hour walk with Sarah and her two before training, just seemed to take the edge off his nuttyness :-p! I'll get some videos next week if I can find a willing voluteer!

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Katie said...

VIDEOS Nat :D!!!
Sounds like Asher really is a super dog, can't wait to see him take on the agility world :-)