Thursday, 5 February 2009

16 days...

Until Asher makes his agility debut!! We are going to the agility nuts winter league on feb 22nd. I'm a little bit scared cuz not sure if he's ready but I think he'll cope fine even if we make a few mistakes! I'm fairly confident in his contacts and his weaves are improving all the time, handling still needs work (for both of us) but as long as the courses aren't too hard we should be ok. Hoping for a little bit of extra help beforehand aswell :-D!

If all goes ok we are then going to the next agility nuts show in march. Hopefully he will make his KC debut at Wallingford in April.

Made a bit of a breakthrough on his weaves last week at training. After all the work I put in on his entries they were cracking, he only missed one, was so pleased. Problem I've had recently is him coming out on 9th-10th weave, realised that I am drifting away from him and slightly turning my shoulder at this point drawing him out as he tries to follow my body language so closely. After I learnt to run in a straight line he did them perfectly :-)

His contacts felt alot more solid this week, seesaw was really good and I feel like he's looking forward more now from the contact position. So a much more positive week, hopefully if i keep the work level up things will keep on getting better.

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Katie said...

Oooh I might have to enter March Agility Nuts!! :D

Good luck!