Thursday, 12 February 2009

One step forward...

And I think it was only one step back rather than two, could of been worse. Agility tonight had its ups and downs.

His contacts were amazing, best i've seen them, really really driving the dog walk and his final position was good too, he slid off the end once but was stretching his legs back to find the contact cuz he knew where he was supposed to be, was quite funny actually! Seesaw and aframe were excellent too, had a toy about 6 foot from the bottom of the aframe so that he was focusing ahead which worked well. Was pleased with his go ons as they have been a bit hesistant recently with him keeping glancing at me. He very much aims to please so needs reassurance all the time but tonight he seemed more confident. We worked some stars tightly and widely spaced and included front crosses which went really well but I was told I have to stop babying him as I was causing him to knock poles. I have to learn to trust that he will go on and turn when I tell him rather than calling him or bending over!

Now you know whats coming... weaves were crap! You think you might be getting there then it all goes pete tong again! He missed a couple of entries then he was coming out anywhere from the 6th pole onwards but only when he was on my right. I wouldn't mind if I hadn't practised but we spent time today working on his weaves from all angles and with him mainly on the right. Maybe it's because I don't have 12 weaves and he is getting used to doing 8? Doesn't explain the entries though. Going to have to practice more!

Oh and Asher is getting measured Sunday, my wonderful friend Sarah is taking him for me as I have to work. I have a sneaky suspicion that he may be large ;-)

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Katie said...

Asher large?! Nooo?!

Weaves are the bane of our lives too!