Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Flyball Training 18th Jan

I finally got to go training, yay :-D! We had a fab session, with all the dogs performing really well and Asher actually getting a proper work out now that everyone knows what they're doing with the box training. Box training was really good we put the netting in like we planned and had the dogs turning off the box and chasing the ball over the 1st jump back (after I learnt to throw properly!).

The video shows 3 of our dogs turning on the box. The 1st is Elliot who is still only a baby and won't be a yr old for a few more days. He is a rescue and is doing brilliantly well, definitely a star of the future! The 2nd is Bunty who is a patterdale/bedlington cross we think, she is a total nutter but also a very valuable height dog. The 3rd dog is Sonny, otherwise known as Bryning Falcon. The difference in his turn is incredible! Again sorry for the bad quality!


Char said...

Nat can you email me please - harding_charlotte @ hotmail.com (remove spaces) thanks xx

Nat said...

Great stuff...glad to see the box training is really paying off. It can be a real long slog, time consuming and monotonous but it's worth it in the end!!

(p.s. Go Sonny!! yeh, ok...I am totally biased! lol)

Nat x said...

Yeh box training with 15+ dogs with a hangover can be quite challenging lol!!

Sonny is a little star :-)


Katie said...

tut tut hangover Nat?! I thought you were tea total lol :P

Boxturns looking great, how is Ash Bash's turn getting on? :D

Nat x said...

haha it was a one off! I don't usually drink :-s!

Nutter's turn has always been pretty good close up it's just a bit hit and miss during racing cuz he's either going so fast he can't get his foot placement or he's so busy racing the other team he forgets he has to turn. When he gets it right it's always been fast. Just about getting the memory and discipline in him to put in a consistent turn cuz i think/hope it will be pretty awesome!