Thursday, 15 January 2009

R.I.P Jack

It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to Jack last week aged 14yrs. He was probably the nicest, friendliest dog I've ever known. He was also the greatest flyball dog I have ever seen.

I started flyball with Tess not long after Jack achieved his amazing times of 3.85secs making him at that time the fastest dog in Europe. I just remember being totally gobsmacked that a dog could complete a run in that time. I felt honoured to train with him and couldn't believe it when I got to run Tess in a team with him. He was so easy to change to as he was so consistent and unflappable. A few years later I was also priviledged to run Jack in competition whilst June went through her many injuries (she is so accident prone!), he would never stop barking from the time you put his harness on until the time you took it off. I really felt like I was handling a superstar. He would run in any position over any height and was totally reliable. Jack raced until he was 12, he achieved his Jade award.

Jack had a special relationship with Tess, they were so in love! Neither of them had really taken much notice of other dogs until they met each other. I'd never seen Tess try to play with another dog before but her and Jack would play all the time. We used to have to ask for ground floor rooms when we stayed at travel lodges cuz all they would do the whole time would be bounce around the room together, it was very sweet.

Jack was such a softy, he didn't have a bad bone is his body and he was very cuddly. He was everyones friend but he was so loyal to June and would howl when left in the car at flyball.

He really was a very special dog and he has left a big gap in the lives of those who knew him. I loved him like he was my own and I'm sure alot of others felt the same. He will be greatly missed.

R.I.P Jack


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Katie said...

Awwh RIP Jack :(

Asher is following him in his footsteps as being a super dog, bet he's making Jack very proud.