Monday, 19 January 2009

More Agility Training

If I'm honest I was a little bit disappointed with training on Wednesday. It was our first week back after a months break but I guess I just expect alot from him. It all started really well with a couple of jumping courses, they were fairly straight forward but did have front crosses which we haven't done before (I really had to run to get there lol) and he was really good. Then we did weaves and it was not good. He took the entry on the wrong side and then he was coming out around the 9th pole. I think it was because we had crappy plastic poles in and on the last ones were the thicker channel poles as some of his class have the guides on. Well he didn't like them rattling so he wouldn't do them. He is an odd dog sometimes. Was abit annoyed that they then wouldn't take them off so that he could finish on doing them right. Next was agility and his contacts were a bit rubbish for the 1st time in ages. He wasn't holding his 2o2o as well as usual and was spinning round to look for me although he was driving the down planks quicker than I've seen him before so I guess that is a positive. He flew his seesaw and would of been fine after that if it wasn't for our trainer insisting on standing at the end of the seesaw with a treat so that as the seesaw tipped he was just walking off the end to get the treat off of him so there was no 2o2o and no release which is NOT what I want!

The good thing about bad sessions is that they kick you in to doing something about it. So I spent sunday afternoon on his weaves and shadow handling. I focused on his entrys and got him wrapping the 1st pole from the left and going in between 1 and 2 from the right. I was surprised at how quickly he picked this up and the difficulty of entries he managed by the end. I took a couple of videos but they are really bad quality, you kinda have to squint to see them but you get the idea. Still need to work on his forward focus after the weaves and me in different positions and running past him etc.

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